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ForBetter Posture

We provide natural
reminders that activate your
muscles in order to guide you to better posture and strength over time.

ForEveryday Training

Swedish Posture inspires to easy
and accessible everyday training
and a strong body.
Better Posture is the key to healthy living.


Wellness at work is KEY to better productivity, Better results,
less sick leave and happier staff!
Let us help your staff enjoy better posture!

Swedish Posture inspires easy and accessible everyday training, active sitting and improved posture. Physiology creates emotions!
Emma Pihl, CEO & Founder

Enjoying Better Posture

our products are the key to a healthy lifestyle
and help you to…

  • Improve your posture

    See range of products and tutorials.

  • Prevent problems in your back & neck

    work in conjunction with professionals.

  • Stretch your muscles

    see our range of exercises, which can help to lead to a stronger body.

No Slouching =
Better Performance

Straighten Up
More Muscle Activity

Good Posture
Reduced Stress Hormone

Our CustomersLove Our Products

“I had a lot of back pain from working long hours, but now with my Balance Seat, I have a stronger body and no pain. I use it 30 minutes a day.”Anina
“The Swedish Posture Flexi Harness has really helped me straighten up since I sit so many hours in front of the computer. No more hunch back for me!”Karl