Lack of movement is one of the causes of poor posture. Move more, feel better with these products.

Posture Mini Gym

Posture Mini Gym

Mini gym is the portable gym that empowers you to train anywhere. Resistance training on the go to help you hit your goals.


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Posture Jump

Posture Jump

Skipping is one of the most effective ways to workout. Add movement anywhere with Posture Jump. Skipping moves, no rope!


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Posture Trainer

Posture Trainer

Trainer is a 2in1 tool for improving your posture. Wear it on your shoulders to train your mind and body and take it off to stretch & strengthen.


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Posture Balance Seat

Posture Balance Seat

Add it to your chair a few hours a day, forcing you to use your core and keep your posture upright. Active sitting never looked so good.


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Workout band

Posture Workout Band

Rubber resistance bands don't last, they're not nice to hold. Ours is different! 100's of workouts are just a workout band away,


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3D Posture Scan Results

Testing our products with 3D Posture Scans

We used 3D Posture Scans to see how different posture problems can be improved. 

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Expert opinions on Swedish Posture

Read expert opinions of our products

Expert posture professionals don't just recommend Swedish Posture, they even use our products themselves. 


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