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At Swedish Posture we’re no strangers to working remotely. We’re often travelling or in meetings, working flexibly from home or setting up our laptops when we get a coffee on the go. But this year like so many people we’ve been grounded.

Our experience working remotely from our colleagues here and in other countries has helped us find some great tools and habits for working from home. We wanted to share some of those tools and techniques that have helped us keep working (and smiling.)

Some are work tools while some help you manage your health while you're working from home. 

simple work from home set up

Slack app - for team communication

One of the most important things we’ve found when working remotely is communication. Making it as streamlined and straightforward as possible helps us in several ways.

We’ve used Slack in the business since the start and it’s been especially useful while we’ve been able to travel less.

We don’t waste time looking for emails or messages. We keep everything organised in slack and categorised by channels. All of our team have access on their computers and their phones so we can communicate quickly and efficiently. This keeps our email free for external communications, so we can respond more quickly to customers.

Here's the slack website. 

Slack team communication when working from home

Fitness trackers - (and going for a walk)

We don’t all use the same ones, but fitness trackers have played an important role for us working from home. As a tool when you’re not leaving home for your working day they can really help you understand just how little you are moving.

Without enough movement our productivity, energy and even mental wellbeing can suffer. It’s very easy to when we’re working from home to spend most of our day sitting down and only walking to and from the fridge.

Fitness trackers like apple watch and fitbit not only show you how much/little you’ve moved, but they remind you and keep you accountable. One of the absolute best tips we’ve got when working from home is to go for a walk everyday. It’ll help you focus, stimulate your creativity, reduce stress and burn calories.

using a fitness tracker when you work from home

Posture balance - for active sitting

Even when you're making an effort to move during your working day, working from home often involves lots of sitting. We all love using the Posture balance to make at least some of that sitting each day a bit more active.

It's a similar feeling to sitting on a swiss ball / balance ball while you work. It forces you to engage your core and to balance. As a result you're using muscles to keep your posture, think of it as a low intensity training.

We all like to use the balance for different times, personally I try to include it for about 30 mins a day. Check out the posture balance here.

Posture balance seat on a chair

Meditation apps 

We've used different apps but our favourites right now are Calm and Headspace. Both are aimed at all levels including absolute beginners, We've found them to be a great way to be more relaxed and productive.

You can easily give yourself 10 minute breaks to gather your thoughts and re focus your mind. Or a dedicated time each day to mediate and recharge. The apps guide you with some really simple and useful techniques to help do  without any pressure. 

After all you can't do your best work at home unless you have mental clarity to concentrate.  Give them a try. 

meditate when working from home


Like most businesses now we share lots of files and documents every day. Dropbox helps us to manage that and more.

We use dropbox for files to share internally (where we’ve connected Dropbox to Slack to make things even quicker)

We also use it to share updated images, videos and documents with clients externally and it helps us again to keep our email lean and organised.

Lastly we use Dropbox’s hidden gem, Dropbox Paper. paper.dropbox.com. In fact I’m writing this directly on it now. Dropbox paper is like our business notepad. It lets us share collaborative notes and ideas, timetables, plans and lists.

Check out dropbox here.

Fitness apps - Down dog

They offer a range of yoga, barre, HITS and 7 minute work outs, great as short little bit of exercise to break up the day and get you moving whether your a yogi or just into a short blast of fitness.

The short workouts are perfect to squeeze into a busy work from home day and another way to help you stay healthy and active while you wfh.

Also a great opportunity to try our Workout band and new Posture Sports Bra

Check the down dog fitness app out out here.

Swedish Posture sports bra perfect for home workouts

And finally

I hope these suggestions will help you to work from home happily, productively and healthily. 

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active sitting on the posture balance

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swedish posture flexi posture brace

Active reminder to straighten up
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