Posture Sports Bra


Posture Sports Bra Top helps you maintain an upright and aligned posture while exercising. With the adjustable straps in the back your shoulders get pulled into correct position.

Material: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

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Posture Sports Bra combines an elegant sports top with our industry leading posture reminder technology.  It’s the perfect choice to wear while you exercise or anytime you want to give your posture an immediate boost.

The sports top fits around the shoulder and adjusts the shoulder blades.

  • Direct effect – The posture is improved immediately!
  • Posture Alignment Technology – Keeps the shoulders in a correct position with the adjustable crossed straps that activate your muscles and align your shoulder blades.
  • Has silicone on the underside of the shoulder textile area to sit in place.
  • Elegant, stylish and efficient.
  • Stay cool while you workout, cutaway design.


Posture Sports Bra in gym

Sports bra for better posture

Posture Sports Bra Fixing Rounded Shoulders