Posture Trainer


Swedish Posture presents Posture Trainer . A Perfect Reminder For Everyday Training, Improved Posture and Shoulder Alignment. Relieves Stress, Tension, Stiff Shoulders and Upper Back Pain in Men and Women.

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Posture Trainer for training and posture corrector

ENHANCE YOUR POSTURE – Posture Trainer is a unique combination of training tool and a corrector for bad posture while exercising.

INCREASE YOUR BLOOD CIRCULATION & STAMINA – Using Posture Trainer increases your blood circulation and strength.

POSTURE TRAINER – Exercising with Posture Trainer is a simple way to add movement into your everyday life. It can also be worn after training to stretch the chest. Wear it a maximum of 20 minutes at a time while training to ensure the correct posture, but use it for functional training exercises as often as possible.

– With daily training, you live longer. The human body is built for movement, sitting still increases harmful lipids. Posture Core Trainer lets daily exercise become a natural part of your life.


User Guide Posture Trainer

• Posture Trainer is a training tool that improves your strength and mobility in upper back and shoulders.
• Inspirational exercises are illustrated on the product.
• Posture Trainer can be worn around 20 minutes during your workout to ensure correct posture while exercising.
• Posture Trainer can also be worn up to 15 minutes after training as a tool for a chest stretch and a balance on
the front and back of the body.
• Resistance cord for functional training.
• Wear your Posture Trainer over a t-shirt.